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I was interviewed as part of a telesummit and have the link to the interview. Click on headphones to listen.

Mission Statements

from Abundance Coaching...

In our role as coaches - to assist clients in developing abundance in their businesses and lives.

To give our clients:

  • Vision and insight
  • Constructive feedback
  • Advice and counsel
  • Critical analysis
  • Support and encouragement
  • Crisis or failure control plans
  • A solid role model
  • Self-confidence and stronger self-esteem
  • A safe area to discuss ideas and options

In our role as employers - to create and maintain a self-motivated support team who consider working with us to be the inspiration to fulfil their own potential. To continually ask for and listen to suggestions as to how we can improve. To share generously in our present and future profits.

To constantly search for and acquire new skills and technologies that will add value to our client and staff relationships.

To ensure that, through wise financial management, Abundance Coaching remains debt free and financially strong, to thereby create security for both client and support team.

In our role as networkers - to introduce clients to a panel of specialists in other professions who can work with us to fulfil our mission statement and our clients' goals.

In our role as community volunteers - to be willing to sponsor clients, contacts and support team in their charitable efforts when requested. To become involved in our own charitable activity and to be willing to devote our time and talents to help others when requested on a pro bono basis.

from Lynnea Hagen...

To be a catalyst, inspiring others to action as they identify their mission, roles and goals.

To be mindful that between stimulus and response there is only freedom to choose.

In my role as a family leader - to be a worthy partner, best friend and lover to my husband. As a teacher and role model to my children – to give them roots and wings. To keep my promises. To provide unconditional love, as well as time for each of them.

In my role as entrepreneur - to remember that I gain nothing in my professional life without giving something first. To have earned the respect of my strategic partners and my peers. To be a leader, guide and role model to my support team.

In my role as a coach - to assist clients in establishing their own energizing vision of the future, translating that vision into goals and establishing a plan of action. To be a principal trusted adviser and friend. To become a recognized speaker and mentor who delivers support, guidance, and programs that clients can use to create permanent transformation in their professional and personal lives.

In my role as a spiritual being - through service to have demonstrated that I love God and my neighbor. When asked, to help those who are searching for spiritual answers.

In my role as a friend - to be pro-active in my concern. To be constant and unconditional in my friendship.

In my role as a community volunteer - to devote a portion of my time and energy to help those in need.

For myself - to maintain fitness and health through nutrition, sleep, exercise and meditation. To focus on my unique abilities and to effectively delegate (but not abdicate) all else. To design and create a perfect life and environment. To achieve and maintain financial independence, to eliminate stress and to share many years of peace, prosperity and balance with those I love.

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"The truth is that there is much more strength and power in the individual than he has ever known or even visualized as a possibility."
(Norman Vincent Peale)

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