5 Simple Tips for NOT “Selling” While Creating More Sales, and Enjoying It More!

with Jim HoranI have been a consultant for 30+ years (yes, I started when I was seven.  I know, I’m surprised, too).  One of the BEST tools I’ve ever used with my own business and my clients is the One Page Business Plan™.  I’ve used it to help dozens of CEO’s, company presidents and business owners attract key personnel, manage employee performance, prepare the business for sale, grow results, and grow themselves as leaders.

The beauty of this tool is that it forces quality thinking. It’s simple, but not simplistic.

I took my training 13 years ago from the creator of the One Page Business Plan™, Jim Horan (who has since created the 90 Day Sales Plan™ and more wonderful tools).  Jim has the gift of taking the complex and making it simple and powerful.  Jim spent some time talking to the the Women In Consulting organization last week.  He highlighted 5 things to do when trying to “sell” your services.  I loved these, and wanted to share them here:

  1. Pick up the damn phone.  Call people you know and like every day (and no, that does not mean your Aunt Vi or son Joey.  We’re talking about the professional arena here).  For whatever reason, making phone calls is one of the hardest things for sales people to do.  So start with people you know and like…and those who know and like you.
  2. Sell what you LOVE, forget the rest.  This was very helpful to me, since I love to learn and, ergo, have a LOT of knowledge, tools, programs and ways to help others achieve what they want.  I’m also very enthusiastic..at first..then I feel compelled to continue trying to sell what really doesn’t fit ME.  I’ve been trying to be all things to all people.  I have released some things on my plate with this tip alone.  Whew!
  3. Focus on people’s needs…not what you’re wanting to sell to them, or what you think they should want.  This kind of goes back to the adage, “people don’t care what you know until they know how much you care.”  What do THEY need?  Yes, you need to make a sale, but what do THEY need?
  4. Keep your message simple and compelling.  Forget the jargon.  Use your prospect’s words…which also shows them that you’re listening and that you care.  Speak your truth simply, with caring.
  5. Make it easy to do business with you.  STOP SELLING.  Make it easy for them to BUY.  Practice being prepared, practice listening and caring, and ask if they minded if you follow up with them –then do it!

I want to thank Jim Horan for the generosity of his creative mind, and the passion he brings to help others.  I hope these tips help you be more successful in your endeavors, as well.

If you want any more info on the One Page Business Plan™, the 90 Day Sales Plan™, or my marketing and leads generation program, The Abundance Business Academy (abundancebizacacdemy.com), give me a shout at lynnea@abundancecoaching.net.

Here’s to your success!