Start here! True happiness & success come from natural abundance.

Do you ever feel that, although you’ve experience some success, there is something holding you back from reaching your true potential… from truly shining?
Meanwhile, life seems to be passing you by; you see what others are achieving, and believe you could never have what they do.
If this sounds familiar, I’d like to invite you to attend a complimentary virtual summit, where I’m honored to be a featured speaker! It’s called the Soul Lift Summit: Live Your Bliss by Tapping into the Natural Abundance of Love, Wealth, Health and Time.  It began December 1st, 2016…and you can still tap into it, getting all the free gifts and recordings!
All you have to do to attend is sign up here:
It’s Your Time to Shine 
When you go to the link above and reserve your spot for the Soul Lift Summit, you’ll hear from 20 experts, coaches, therapists, and psychologists about how you can move from a scarcity mentality, to an abundance mentality, so you can finally live your bliss!
You see, when you’re operating from a scarcity mentality, it’s hard to be happy with anything, ever. You often wind up feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, and hopeless, like you may never experience the life you want to. It can be debilitating, I know.
I’ve had many losses, heartbreaks and challenges that I’ve presented in my books and speaking engagements…and I KNOW we all can acheive our dreams!!
The good news is that when you really understand the difference between these two types of mentalities, and make the critical mindset shift toward the abundance mentality, you can finally set yourself free and experience the fulfillment you crave!
My friend Estela Rodriguez-Jebril created this event to empower women like you to transform their mindsets, recognize their strengths and talents, and finally, to transform into the strong, passionate, successful individuals they are.
When you join us for the Soul Lift Summit: Live Your Bliss by Tapping into the Natural Abundance of Love, Wealth, Health and Time, you learn:
  • The primary trait of successful people in all areas of life, and how to foster it to transform your mindset and your life .
  • The main difference between the scarcity mindset and the abundance mindset, and how to embrace the abundance mindset to achieve more than ever.
  • A powerful exploration process so you can gain clarity and insight into what you really want, so you can create a set plan with obtainable goals and objectives.
  • And more.
I’m eager to share my perspective on the abundant mindset with you, and I’m excited to hear from the 21+ experts who will share their insights, too!
Click the link below to register at no cost and I’ll see you there:
Cultivate An Abundant Mindset <<< Register Here 
I’ve heard Estela speak before, and I highly recommend her. She knows how to give you powerful, actionable information you can use right away to begin changing your life.
To Your Success!
Lynnea Hagen, M.S.Business Growth Specialist, International Speaker, Best-selling Author
P.S. Yes! You can attend the Soul Lift Summit: Live Your Bliss by Tapping into the Natural Abundance of Love, Wealth, Health and Time event at no cost! Register today to secure your spot – and get ready to transform your mindset and your entire life. Sign up below:
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