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When you invest in your copy of Vision Board Studio (VBS) during this month of MARCH,you will receive the complete Vision Board Studio Package, including the life changing Vision Board Studio software, the “Vision Juicing Handbook” and the excellent ”Six Week Challenge Workbook”, PLUS you will also receive –absolutely free of charge6 powerful weekly Webinar sessions of coaching and guidance from our very own Co Founder Linda Boertjens AND Coach Dotti Berry, jampacked with all the knowledge they built up during their years of experience in the field, ALL for just $97!!!

YES, they are extending their fantastic Special offer of VBS at over 50% discount AND topped it up with access to a fantastic, all new Webinar series, taking the Vision coaching to a whole new level. I’m sure you will agree that this is an *incredibly* valuable offer. This is the BEST offer they have EVER made available and YOU get to benefit from it!

Here’s some more information on the valuable new webinar series that will be part of the offering during March:

In April, we start a unique “6 Week Vision Board Challenge” Webinar Series that will coach you in each and every aspect of creating an effective Vision Board. No one less than Peak Performance Business Coach & Digital Marketing Strategist Dotti Berry and our very own Co-Founder and Visualization expert Linda Boertjens will *personally* guide you LIVE through the Six Week Challenge that is part of the VBS. Each week, they will take you by the hand and discuss the crucial steps in the Vision Board creation process, so that you feel guided and clear each and every step of the way. This Webinar perfectly complements the Vision Board Studio and will bring it to life in the best way possible.  It will launch you straight into creating the most powerful Vision Board ever, assisting you to create the life you desire.
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