Love, Freedom, Fasting, Winning and the Tiger!

What a powerful line-up!

It’s always fascinating to see how certain things coincide. I’m reflecting on the past 3 weeks: Valentines Day, Presidents Day, the start of Lent, Chinese New Year, AND the Olympics all falling in the same time frame. As I reflect on each of these events, I’m reminded of the things that make us uniquely human. I feel my energy rising for 2010, and with it, growing optimism, insight, and gratitude!

The weeks kicked off with Valentines Day, the day expressly about showing love. How wonderful! Let’s carry that forward by loving ourselves, warts and all. That’s when we can truly love others, with their warts and all.

Presidents Day. When I was in school, we had two Presidential birthdays in February–and a day off for each…Lincoln’s birthday on Feb. 12, and Washington’s birthday on Feb. 22. The two Presidents that worked powerfully for freedom…and not just freedom for themselves. They fought for freedom for others very unlike themselves. I believe that their efforts were born of love and integrity. What can we do to uphold or create more freedom, bring more love and integrity into OUR world?

Lent, traditionally a time of fasting. The idea of fasting has always fascinated me, but, truthfully, it’s not something I aspire to practice. I love to eat too much! But, I’ve chosen to use the 40 days as a time to consider what I can give up and sacrifice in order to grow myself into what God created me to be. I CAN give up old habits, old ways of thinking that hold me back. I can leave behind people who try to hold me back. I can release mistakes, “not-done’s”, “shouldn’t have done’s” , etc. I can give up trying to do it all myself, and hand off some work to others. I can give up trying to project a certain image to others, and allow them to see my “warts and all”. What a concept! Seems like that would give me more freedom to be who I am!

Next came the start of the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Tiger…another new beginning. The motto of the Tiger? “I win.” What a great motto to embrace for the year! And when you think of it, EVERY day is a beginning of a new year, of a new 365 day cycle.

The Chinese calendar, as well as economic predictions, forecast that it’s not going to be an ordinary year by any means. Things are likely going to be stirred up and bit, things will continue to shift. I already feel it, as I know others do as well.
Of course there are lovely things about the tiger year as well. As things get shaken up, it’s a great time to get very clear about what is really important to you. It’s a good time to go deep spiritually. Dig down into whatever personal spiritual path you choose.

Finally, the Olympics. From my non-calloused viewpoint it’s all about love, freedom, making sacrifices, and, of course, winning. I think that Olympic athletes are the ultimate models for what’s required to be fully who you are…and it’s not about just living on the surface. It’s about digging deep, staying inspired, working hard, getting support, and not giving up. We need to require the same for ourselves.

So as we continue to evolve, let’s move forward with the energy of these four events! Lead with love, work for freedom, give up what doesn’t work for you, and commit to win! Mostly, live with integrity, be considerate of others, keep a low profile, and it’s likely you’ll get through the year unscathed.

So, go get ’em tiger!!