The 5 Final Questions

I love these questions from Robin Sharma.  What it all comes down to is: In the end, how much have you lived your life with Purpose, passion, integrity?  How have you honored yourself, the Earth, and other human beings?  Live abundantly, lead your SELF, and others, from a place of abundance and purpose…and then your existence will have really mattered.
Here are 5 big questions that I hope will cause you to go deep and become philosophical as to what’s most important in your life. Most people don’t discover how to live until it’s time to die. Ask these questions today, but come from the frame of reference that today is the last day of your life and you are lying on your deathbed:

#1: Did I dream richly?

#2: Did I live fully?

#3: Did I learn to let go?

#4: Did I love well?

#5: Did I tread lightly on the earth and leave it better than I found it?

My hope is that the answers you arrive at help you live with more authenticity, passion and joy. We’re really not here that long, when you think about it. So live your potential now. Dream. Dare. Shine. ~ R.S.

And might I add…RELEASE!
In Abundance,