Why Are Some People So Happy, & Others Aren’t?

I have studied happiness, and “conscious living” for a long time. It’s hugely connected to our health, how much we earn, success, and our relationships. And guess what?? Happiness needs to come first…then all these things shall be added unto you! It’s all about INNER LEADERSHIP first (it’s what I preach)!

You probably know someone in your life who is just so happy that it almost doesn’t seem REAL to you. They seem to have it all… effortlessly. You might work harder than they do, take twice as many seminars, and practice all the right stuff, but yet that real HAPPY feeling they have, just eludes you. Or you have it for a day or two and then it FADES… darn it.

Why is that?

I asked my friend Michael Beckwith about this. (If you saw the movie The Secret, he was featured as one of the spiritual teachers). Michael is the KING of happiness. He teaches it. He lives it. He knows the ‘SECRET’! Here’s what he said:

“Once when I was speaking on the subject of happiness someone asked, “Why is it that when I am doing things that are supposed to make me happier I just feel more empty?”

“When I asked him what those things included he gave me a long list of activities – hobbies, working out, seminars, social outings and things of that nature. What is clear, I shared, is that external events are neutral – they don’t in themselves produce happiness.”

Then Michael said, “It’s the CONSCIOUSNESS in which we participate in activities that makes the difference.”

What he means is that when you start paying attention to the riches INSIDE, the riches start manifesting OUTSIDE, because you start exuding the happiness you want to attract. That’s the Law of Attraction.

Michael is a generous guy, and just because we have a great relationship, he’s agreed to let me offer you his support program called ‘Living the Awakened Life’ at a generous discount, so you can get the VERY BEST guidance on LASTING happiness from a man considered one of the world’s greatest spiritual teachers. Check it out here

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Because I have news for you: You can have everything there is to have, the house, the money in the bank, the car, the charming spouse, and vacations all over the world, but it’s not going to make you happy unless YOU bring your BEST SELF to it.

I trust Michael Beckwith, because he really LIVES his message. He is authentic, and his teachings work, so much so that he has founded an entire community in Los Angeles called Agape International Spiritual Center. I think you should take advantage of this generous offer from him. But don’t just take my word for it, go find out more for yourself! Click Here! Go on!