Why YOU as a Light for Others?

I got this today from Mary Morrisey:

What if you knew that the Holy Spirit wanted to use you this day?

There is a Presence, a Power that created you for a purpose. Your purpose today may be to speak a kind word of encouragement, or it may be some positive action that you can take.

What if you knew that the Spirit of God would use you today to make this world a better place? Consider it a possibility. I think before the day is over you will realize that it is absolutely true.

Once St. Francis of Assisi, was asked, ‘Why you Francis? Why you? Why did God choose you as a lighthouse to bless this world?’

Francis smiled and said, ‘I will tell you why me. Because there could hardly have been anyone who has made as many mistakes as I have. I have done and been anything you can think of that is abhorrent or unholy. I had absolutely nothing to offer the world. That is precisely why God chose to use me; to give hope to people who feel they have nothing to give. So if the Holy Spirit can work through me, then the Holy Spirit can work through anyone.’

I would say to you, your history doesn’t define you. Your willingness to be of service to God does.