A Recipe to Release the Old, Bring In the New

Are you like me? There are feelings, habits, hurts that I want to clear out of my life, heart and mind; and so many fresh, loving, joyful things I want to bring in–not just for 2015, but waaay beyond. You and I have too many gifts to bring to the world, and too many wonderful things to experience to have any “negative weights” hanging around our necks or blocking our paths!  The thing is, like old clothes, junk and other things, these things need to be cleaned out!  They’re just getting in our way.
Here’s a method I use every new year to release old things that are cluttering my thoughts, soul, environment (and are, just generally not in my best interest); and, conversely, bring in what I do want–those things that nurture and  uplift my mind, body, heart and soul in ways that energize and feed me for the days and years ahead.
This is a wonderful exercise to do alone, or with a close friend or loved one.  Your choice.

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 Recipe for Releasing the Old, and Bringing in the New:
What you’ll need:
1. a fireplace or other safe place to do a little burning and lighting–could even be your kitchen sink. (This won’t take much space, and is safe..believe me!)
2. matches (I prefer long ones) 
3. little slips of paper
4. candles (any kind will do–I use little votive candles, tall  candles, whatever I have on hand.  I use a LOT of  candles, because there’s always a LOT I want to work on! :-)  )
5. a sheet of paper
6. pen or pencil

A. Sit down, relax take 3 slow, deep breaths, (and say a prayer if you choose)  and write on the small slips of paper all of the things you want to release, change, or have less of. One item per piece of paper.  Examples: resentment, judging, procrastination, loneliness, anger, unforgiveness, lack of productivity, impatience, selfishishness.
B. On the sheet of paper, list all the things that are the exact opposite of the things on the little paper pieces.  These are your new items of hope, and each candle represents an item on this list for the new year.
C. Now gather up all of the paper (including the list of opposites), the candles,matches, and go to your fireplace, fire pit or kitchen sink
D. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and slowly, and say to the Divine, to the Universe, to Source (it’s from your heart, and in your words): “In honor and in love to myself and those around me, I release these things that do not serve me, others, or the world”.
E. Then, one by one, light one slip of paper, and say, for example,  “I release impatience”–and put the burning piece in the fireplace. Then, “I release judging”–and put it in the fireplace.  Do this one by one by one until all pieces are gone, and their flames are releasing up to the Universe.
F. Using the flames from what you’ve released, light the candles, one by one.  Each candle represents an item on your list for the new year.   Say, for example, as you light the first candle. “I light the flame of acceptance”.  Then, as you light the second candle,  “I light the flame of patience”, or “I light the flame of getting things done”. Do this, one by one, until you have established a new flame for every new hope.
G. When all candles are lit, I recommend you use this time as a time of silence, praying or meditating over the list of new feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and let the candles continue to burn for a while, to symbolize illuminating the path of hope for the new year.
H. Finally, for the next week (better, for the next month), read the list to yourself when you get up in the morning and right before you go to sleep, and celebrate or give thanks for the growth and hope that is part of who you are.

Much Love and Happy New Year!  And hope to “see” you on January 7th (and you’ll get my new book, Stuckness, to boot!)
To Your Abundance!