Dude, what IS Success, really?

This is one of my favorite questions and one of my favorite topics to teach, so I was in 7th Heaven interviewing my October 14th guest, Stewart Emery, co-author of the marvelous book, “Success Built to Last“, and author of the new book, “Do You Matter?” Stewart is one of the most honored “fathers” of the human potential movement, a renowned speaker, teacher, consultant, and author who has examined why people are successful and what makes them “keep ticking”. A key finding: for many, ultimately, it’s not about the money. And many of the people we would describe as leaders and successful people are not wealthy. The truth is, we modern-day folk have been sold a bill of goods that define success as “Wealth, fame, status, power, etc.” But, that just ain’t so. Success is more personal, meaningful, authentic and true than that. In order to get the full story, you’ll need to listen to October 14th’s show and/or read the book “Success Built to Last“. I already teach a class called “The Why Behind the What”, defining the meaning of success for YOU. But after talking to Stewart and reading his book, I will be expanding and enriching my course, so students will be so satisfied and full they won’t ever be asking “where’s the meat?”
So, my question for you is: “When will you know when you’re successful?”
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