Take Time to Think!

On October 21st, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jim Horan, CEO of the One Page Business Plan Co., author of the One Page Planning softwares and books, and a sometime mentor of mine. I like Jim. I like his products, his insights, and his heart. Jim understands that planning is a huge part of leading ourselves (then, leading others) to achieve what we want most in life.
Our conversation on the 21st took place on my Abundance Leadership radio show (natch), and I was struck by the depth of how the One Page Plans can affect businesses and lives.
Jim describes these tools as ways to access your wisdom, and create the story of where you want your life and business to be in the next 3-5 years. And it starts with a vision…a very detailed and exciting vision…a vision that makes you sit back, get all tingly, and say a soft “Wow.”
And that’s what happens…I’ve witnessed it myself with my own clients.
Powerful, really.
Then working back from the vision, create the steps, programs, and strategies to get there.
The problem is that too many people won’t take the time to work through this process. They say they’ll create the plan when they have more money, or have more time, or have less things to deal with. Silly, silly thinking. This is like saying you’ll get a map after you’re en route.
This is backward thinking! Howzabout “first things first”?
When I asked Jim what was the biggest mistake that business people make, he responded, “They don’t take time to think”. Hmmm…that certainly explains why so many people are struggling and sloughing through daily muck and getting nowhere!
Is that you?
The words for today, then, are : TAKE TIME TO THINK!
To listen to this interview, go to www.modavox.com/voiceamericabusiness Then go to Tuesday at noon, and scroll to the October 21st show. You’ll be happy you did.