Ooops! Tripping Over Ourselves!

On October 4th I had the pleasure of speaking with David Byrd, President of Leadership Management, Inc. The topic? The “Tripping Point in Leadership”. Not only is this the title of David’s new book, but it also defines a serious symptom of ineffective leadership–organizational apathy. According to David, there are 5 points which define effective leadership:

  1. Measurable results
  2. Consistency
  3. Creative work environment
  4. Ethical integrity
  5. Authenticity

I asked him how much of all this has to to with attitude. His answer: “Everything!”
Okay, then how much of all this has to do with spirituality? Again, the answer: “Everything. We must be authentic as a person. We can’t sit in church during the week, then act against those values in our work relationships and behavior. The inauthenticity will doom us and our organization to backslide.
There’s no formal leadership without FIRST personal leadership. It’s a foundational issue.
A-HA! This is what all the coaches/consultants/leaders of leaders are saying, and what I having been trying to teach for the past few years! We have to BE before we can have or do.
(Well, dang! You mean I gotta work on me, my integrity, my inner standards, my honoring of self, my authenticity, my self-love first?? Yup, Sunshine, that’s what I’m saying)
So, according to David Byrd, what’s the single most important qualification/behavior of a leader??…belief in people. Then, being fueled by that belief, integrate leadership development at all levels. Help others grow, excel, lead, and you’ll have engaged, productive, loyal people…and you can all light the way!
Listen to this program by going to and clicking on Tuesday, noon, and scrolling through my shows. Enjoy–and stop tripping over yourself!