More about me

I thought that some of you might want to know more about my life.
First, I love to have fun. I can find humor in just about anything. I love to laugh (and have a pretty hearty laugh to prove it!) Favorite activities are things that stimulate my mind, my heart, or my spirit….and if it’s an experience that can achieve all that at once, then it’s Nirvana! I love to be active. Living in a downtown San Jose neighborhood is perfect for me, for there are lots of restaurants, concerts, plays, musicals, movies, museums, and other activities that I can enjoy…and I can walk to most of them! Now that the holidays are coming, Christmas in the Park is setting up in downtown, and the ice skating rink around the palm trees outside the museum of art is open, so there’s a change in the downtown landscape that’s wonderful and stimulating. I plan to go ice skating downtown this year (and cross-country skiing later in the season…pray for snow!)
I share my home with one of the “best buds” ever, my miniature poodle, Patou. He’s a terrific, fun, well-mannered and intelligent guy. Everyone in my neighborhood knows him by name, but can’t quite remember who I am. However, we’re a team. There’s picture of Patou in his new “ski vest” on a boating/camping trip last summer. Being a poodle, he’s a water maniac. Can’t keep him out of it. Luckily, one of my neighbors has a pool that is open to Patou at all times.
I love dogs and parakeets. I’ve had one or the other most of my life. Both are social animals… like me, I guess.