Succeed Via Reframing the “Have-To’s”

Turn a Have-to Into a Get-to!

 Cultivating new, positive habits, or taking small steps, is like moving a rudder of a boat one degree.  It’s not much in itself, but by doing so consistently and intentionally, you will over the course of a month or year, steer your “Success Ship”, to a totally different destination. 

About fours years ago, I read something from author/speaker Tim Sanders that changed my life.  Tim shared a simple philosophy : Turn your “have-to-do” activities into “get-to-do” activities.With the new year before us, it’s a good time to decide to cultivate powerful weekly habits which, over the course of this year, will gradually move your “Success Ship” to where you want. 
Here’s more about this week’s Success Tip:

Re-framing your have-to’s is always powerful, but especially valuable on Mondays,  when you feel like you have to do so many things – and you feel burned out or overwhelmed.  Or, like me, you feel like you have to re-train or re-focus your “inner monkey” after relaxing over the weekend.

Here’s the idea: re-frame your tasks into opportunities. Author Seth Godin also advocates this mental approach to daily “chores”. Seth once quipped that he didn’t have to blog everyday, he gets to blog everyday. By reframing, you can find more ease, AND more joy in your day to day responsibilities…and you’ll be more productive; and, I’ll bet, more successful

Consider this–most of our activities are probably opportunities that we’ve lost gratitude for. We think of work as something we ‘have to’ go do (after all, it’s WORK, right??), but when we first got the job (or started the business) we thanked our lucky stars that we ‘got to’ have this career opportunity.  Well, we still do!!

Look at your list.  Is there a have-to be re-framed into a get-to? Tim Sanders recommends this approach: Pick out three big tasks you ‘have to’ do this week and pretend that you’ve been fired from them. Imagine you no longer get to manage your team at work. You no longer get to drive your son to baseball games and sit in the bleachers cheering for his team. You no longer get to attend creative meetings to hash out details on the new product. Think about it. Doesn’t that make you feel a little silly for complaining about these types of ‘duties’?

Today I get to blog, do an hour of phone work for my new company and then create a compelling “Meeting of the Minds” product for that new company.  I get to do these things (YAAY!) and I’m grateful for these opportunities. With my new “gratitude attitude” I just may be more productive, more innovative and create a space for others to be the same when they’re with me. Try it yourself. Do this one habit for one week, and see the difference it makes.   Onward and Upward!

To Your Success,
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