Take Care of All Your Bodies– New Year Wisdom

A Happy New Year and A Tiny Bit of Wisdom

by Dreama Vance

Co-founder of InfiniteBeing.com

Everyone wants to feel good. In our world of duality, there is nothing like feeling bad to make you appreciate feeling good!

Good physical health allows and enhances good emotional health and supports spiritual practices. Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to move into that quiet meditational space when you have a pounding headache?

We are composed of four bodies – spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Spiritual teachings say that what you do to one of these bodies affects the other bodies. For instance, frequent meditation brings harmony to your other bodies – to your emotional, mental and physical bodies as well as your spiritual body.

When you change your spiritual body it changes your physical, emotional and mental bodies. When you change your physical body it changes your emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. In fact, you cannot change one without changing the others, too.

While we tend to think of this in terms of healing, wholeness and well being, the flip side is also true. When we unconsciously alter our physical body in a detrimental way (e.g. poor food choices, not enough exercise, too much or too little sunshine, the list goes on…) we negatively impact the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies also.

We may not see this side as quickly or as easily; however, now that you know this, you can be aware and observe. Have you ever known someone with chronic pain or chronic physical illness and seen the drain of energy this has on their emotional body? Or, have you noticed how difficult it is to think clearly when you are suddenly frightened or afraid?

Change one body and you change the others.

Knowing this tiny bit of wisdom helps us realize the importance of making wise choices for all four of our bodies:

* Choose a healthy diet and exercise plan for the physical body.

* Choose peace for the emotional body.

* Choose clarity and positive thoughts for the mental body.

* Choose meditation and acts of loving kindness for the spiritual body.

To close with a quote from my favorite Christmas card,“…Peace and truth be in my days” (2 Kings 20:19 )… and in yours.

Love to you–