What “Trademark” Are You Leaving With Others?

“Your smile is your logo.  Your personality is your business card.  How you leave others feeling after having experienced you is your trademark.”

I love this quote from Jay Danzie.  I believe that so many of us go through our business hours thinking that we are living a “business life” or expressing a “business persona”.  The truth is, there is no “business me” or “personal me”.  We bring all of who we are into everything we do.  We can’t check ourselves at the door as we enter our workplace, because our beliefs about ourselves, about others, and the world around us ooze out of us no matter where we are.  And at some level, that’s what others are experiencing in their interactions with us.

It is so important to take care of and clean up all of who we are: the relationships that are eating at us; the thoughts and beliefs we have; the angers, resentments and lack of forgiveness; the groups we’re tied into; the ways in which we feed our bodies, minds and spirits.  If we don’t, we end up tarnishing our “logo”, our “trademark”, and eventually hold ourselves back from fully achieving all the things of which we’re capable.

We’re complex “critters”, and with the complexities of the world in which we’re immersed, we need to be constantly editing all of us, and be attuned to how we’re getting in our own way.  See “The 9 Environments of You”, below, and ecosystemofsuccess.com for a great model on how this fits with your profession or business, and contact me to get a free copy of my book Stuckness–140 Insights and Tips to Get Unstuck, Get Going and Get What You Want.


To Your Success!   Lynnea