Woo Hoo! What power in my guests!

The last two interviews I’ve done on my Abundance Leadership shows have been, as my producer said, “Marvelous”! Two powerhouses: Sandra Yancey and Marshall Goldsmith. What’s remarkable as I work with leaders, read about real leadership, speak with inspiring leaders, and interview experts who work with leaders is that it comes down to some very basic things:

1. Those who lead others must first lead themselves. We bring all of who we are into what we do, so if you’re not getting the results you want, or if people aren’t following you…look in the mirror to find the reason why.

2. Leadership starts with inspiration. Are you inspired by who you are and where you’re going? If you are (and if you can articulate it!), then others will want to be part of who are are and where you’re going. I love the line that John C. Maxwell quotes that states. “If a person says he’s leading, but has no followers, then he is just taking a walk”. When we bring inspiration to ourselves and to others, with it we bring a passion that pays off with overall organizational effectiveness and profits.

3. As Stephen MR Covey says in his latest book, The Speed of Trust, great leaders are those individuals whom others can trust. How do you build trust? By caring, by serving others, by have integrity, by having courage, and by being authentic.

As Marshall Goldsmith told me, today’s organizations are comprised of “information workers”, who demand more, know what’s “out there” in the rest of the world, and who understand, at some level, that they are meant to be respected. It takes a special kind of leader to lead in this 21st Century environment.

If you missed these shows, listen here: go to www.modavox.com/voiceamericabusiness and listen or download from the archives.